Florida Probate Attorney Fees and Costs - Flat Fees

Florida Probate Law provides for a sliding scale fee structure for attorney's fees relating to Florida Probate Administration matters, based on a percentage of the estate value. However, clients at AFloridaProbate.com and the Kracht Law Firm, PA often opt for our "Flat Fee" structure and enjoy a significant saving over the statutory fee structure. 

Flat-Fee Florida Probate services are often available where the matter is uncontested and where there are a manageable number of estate creditors. To further assist clients in these difficult times short term payment plans are available and the firm accepts all major credit cards. Have estate property that needs to be sold to finance the administration expenses ask about deferred payment plans. 

Our Probate Attorneys in Winter Park serve clients across Central Florida and the State of Florida; be it Orlando or Tampa in Central Florida, Miami or Fort Lauderdale in South Florida, Jacksonville or Pensacola in North Florida - We routinely probate estates in all Florida Counties from our centrally located offices in downtown Winter Park, Florida just north of downtown Orlando. 

Summary Administration with our Winter Park Probate attorneys starts as low as $800, plus costs. Contact one of our Orlando Probate Administration Attorneys today and let us help you administer your Florida probate estate.